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    At Kangding, our focus is to provide you with OEM rapid prototyping and small batch production of various metal fittings services. Our international senior engineers and technical team are dedicated to using the most advanced processing equipment and technologies to manufacture custom metal parts.including multi-axis CNC machining and stamping, sheet metal forming, milling, mold design, stainless steel machining, and aluminum machining. We can quickly and accurately turn your ideas into products at a reasonable price. Professional processing: metal parts, precision machinery parts, medical equipment accessories, toy metal parts, auto parts, marine hardware, shafts, chassis, terminals, shrapnel, aluminum housing, electronic hardware, electrical appliances, power tool parts, aluminum alloy hand boards and Tooling fixtures, etc. Machinable materials: stainless steel, aluminum, low carbon steel,……

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    • ABS, PP, PC, acrylic, silicone prototype production process

      ABS, PP, PC, acrylic, silicone prototype production process

      Prototype models play a key role in the product development stage, and are used to verify whether the product design has problems. In our prototype industry, compound mold is one of the prototype processing methods. Mainly used for small ba... Read more

    • What is prototype and design?

      What is prototype and design?

      Prototype: with lines, shapes depicted product framework, also known as wireframes. Design: Comprehensive consideration of product goals, functional requirements scenarios, user experience and other factors. The rational sequence design pro... Read more

    • Several Common Rapid Prototyping Methods

      Several Common Rapid Prototyping Methods

      The prototype is called proofing in some cases. As the name implies, before large-scale production, a small number of samples are generally made based on product appearance drawings and structural drawings, which are used to check the appea... Read more





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